Bryan Chagoly

Hi, I'm Bryan. I started my career in software, in tech companies in Austin. I loved data science and analytics and finding new insights buried in mountains of data. Then a few years ago, a winemaker joined our family, and we started on an adventure in wine. We started planting our family vineyard at Sandy Road Vineyards in the Texas Hill Country in 2016. It is a true labor of love and being able to play in the dirt and share amazing wines is so much fun.

When people come visit our vineyard, they always ask "Where should I go next?", or "What other wineries nearby have amazing wines?". Those are great questions, and ones that I am always trying to better answer.

There are so many wineries in Texas making great wine that it is impossible to try them all, so I thought why not see what the experts say. I put my data science hat on and started collecting and summarizing the results from all the major international wine competitions around the world to see just which Texas wineries were winning Gold medals. And sure enough, WOW was I surprised! Texas wineries and 100% Texas wines are winning A LOT of GOLD Medals.

I have collected all the results from the last 5 years (since 2018), and summarized them on this website, so you can easily find amazing Texas wines and wineries to enjoy. Only wines that have won a GOLD medal in an international wine competition (through blind tasting) are included on this site. I plan to keep this updated with all the latest results so check back regularly. Cheers yall!

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