Top North Texas Wineries of 2022

The North Texas wine scene is exploding and there are a lot of great wineries around the Dallas Ft Worth area that you can visit. Congratulations to these wineries for winning the most Gold medal awards in 2022 for the area. Each of these wineries have great wines. Which ones will you try this weekend?

  1. Landon Winery
  2. Rancho Loma Vineyards
  3. Blue Ostrich Winery and Vineyard
  4. Rosini Vineyards
  5. Live Happy Lane
  6. Dove Ridge Winery
  7. Arché
  8. Lost Oak Winery
  9. Eden Hill Vineyards
  10. 4R Ranch Vineyards
  11. Firelight Vineyards
  12. Cassaro Winery

Congratulations to Landon Winery for winning the most gold medal awards in North Texas in 2022!

To see the full list and details, check out the Top North Texas Wineries page.


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