Announcing a Partnership with Sommly


Top Texas Wines is excited to announce our partnership with Sommly, an e-commerce wine store focused on Texas wines. Top Texas Wines will be providing an up to date listing of wine awards for each winery listed on Sommly.

You can read their blog post about our partnership here.

One of the key benefits of this partnership is that wine lovers will be able to see more details about wineries including which wines from that winery are winning awards. This will help consumers make more informed decisions on which wines to purchase from Sommly.


Sandy Road Vineyards on Sommly


Here is a little of what Sommly says about our partnership:

"Texas has become a hotbed for exceptional wine production, with many wineries garnering recognition and accolades from prestigious wine competitions worldwide over recent years. With the help of Top Texas Wines, Sommly is now able to bring all the best and most recent awards (Gold medal or better) given to Texas wineries from wine competitions across the world to the forefront of each Texas winery’s page.

For wine enthusiasts, this means that they now have access to many of the best wines from Texas, including those that have been recognized for their quality and excellence by esteemed wine competitions. Consumers can now easily browse through a collection of award-winning wines, read tasting notes, and purchase directly from wineries, all through the Sommly website."

As the Texas wine industry continues to grow, so does the information about Texas wine. We are excited that Sommly and Top Texas Wines are striving to promote the very best of Texas wine. Be sure to try a new bottle of Texas wine and enjoy. Cheers y'all!

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